Ten Tips for Marketing Your Studio

A version of this post originally appeared on the Music Teacher’s Helper Blog, written by Leila Viss. After learning about the Tip of the Month page of the Kansas City Music Teachers Association, it got me thinking about what tips I would share to those who are...

8 Tips For Setting Up A Music Teaching Business

Starting any business takes a lot of perseverance and patience.

Some people compare it to bringing up a child or having a relationship – more often than not it’s a total rollercoaster! But if you strongly believe (and enjoy) what you’re doing, it can be the most rewarding job in the world. Music teaching, like any profession, requires the right approach and strategy in order to succeed.

The 3 Types Of Music Teacher Business Owners

I recently met up with a violinist who reminded me that I’ve been helping people start and run successful music teaching businesses for quite some time now. He was the first person that I ever coached through the process of starting and growing a teaching studio, over...

Teaching Group Music Lessons

Sometimes the offer of a FREE first lesson isn’t enough to tempt people into starting music lessons. Some just need more convincing… You know you’re a good teacher. You know that once they see what you can teach them, they’ll be begging for more! So what can you...

Word Of Mouth Marketing For Music Lessons

Word of mouth is still the way most small businesses find new customers.

After all, it makes sense.

Word of mouth marketing is the most personal form of marketing. It involves one person sharing their excellent experience with someone else, and recommending that company to their friend, colleague or family member.