Whether you teach piano, or plan on accompanying students who are learning a melodic instrument, you should always ensure you have best piano bench for your studio.

Primarily you want to choose one which serves two functions..

  • Promotes a good posture for you (and your students if you are a piano teacher)
  • Feels comfortable to sit on for long periods.

best piano bench

Photo by Adinda Uneputty. Licensed under CC Attribution Sharealike

As a piano teacher myself, I have taught in different schools over the years, as well as in my private studio, and sitting on an uncomfortable piano stool can make your “derrière” feel quite unpleasant at times!

I even knew a piano teacher who started bringing an exercise ball into his practice room just because he hated the school piano benches so much! 🙂

There are essentially three types of piano bench you can buy.

  • A wooden one
  • A wooden one with padded/upholstered seat,
  • An upholstered one which is height-adjustable

You might find a cheaper wooden bench might do the job if you are going to use it occasionally, but I would advise against it.

Of course you can always buy a separate cushion, but good ones can be expensive, so you might as well get a padded one to begin with.

You also want one a bench which is going to last, and to be honest, you usually get what you pay for. There’s no point in buying some cheap thing which will start to wobble after a few months and you have to go out and buy a new one!

My advice would be to buy a height-adjustable upholstered one.

Of course this is essential if you are a piano teacher, as you will undoubtedly have some younger pupils in your studio, who might not be able to reach the keys or touch the pedals if the seat is the wrong height for them. Piano teachers might want to buy two piano benches, or a duet one, if you want to play at the same time as your student.

Another factor to consider is the type of piano you have. If you have a stage piano with a portable music stand, you can usually adjust the height of this to work around the height of your piano bench. But if you have a piano, or electric piano with a fixed stand, you don’t have this option.

I looked at all the options when I was setting up my studio and decided to buy the Ebony Satin Leather Adjustable Artist Concert Piano Bench from CPS Imports.

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To be honest, I couldn’t be happier with it. It feels so comfortable, I can play for hours without any problem and it has great storage for my music. My students also love it and have never complained about it feeling uncomfortable in any way.

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