“Get 1 on 1 coaching and finally discover what it takes to run a successful music teaching business”


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Hi Martyn,
I just wanted to thank you for the valuable information you shared with us via Skype consultation last week. I am very impressed by your knowledge and experience in the real world of marketing the music teaching business. Even though I’ve done years of research on SEO and marketing , you gave me some excellent insights and ideas that have already helped create more business for not only my Los Angeles Music Teachers school, but also my Rossi Music Live Event Bands connections. Well worth the money.
Rick Rossi

Saxophonist, www.losangelesmusicteachers.com

From: Martyn Croston – Musician

Dear Frustrated Music Teacher

Imagine earning the income you deserve from music teaching by using effective methods for finding more students. Now you can… by working 1 on 1 with a successful private music teacher!

Private music teaching – an all too common problem

How much time and effort have you spent trying to attract more pupils to your music teaching business? Are you frustrated with people who only want cheap lessons, and are clearly shopping around for the lowest fee?

I’m guessing if you’re anything like me you will have tried many different methods for finding students, often wasting time on strategies that don’t work.

Does this sound like you?

Let’s be honest. The majority of music teachers don’t earn anywhere near as much as they’d like to.

At university or music college, you are taught how to perform, compose or write about music, but never how to run a business, or prepare yourself on how to make a living.

Who am I?

My name’s Martyn Croston and I’m a jazz pianist and music teacher based in the UK. I’ve studied and performed in the UK, USA and Russia, playing with numerous ensembles including performances with members of Jamiroquai, Manfred Mann and the winning choir from NBC’s Clash of the Choirs.

These days I run a successful piano teaching business, play at various functions and weddings, and help other music teachers find more students and build a thriving studio.


Why should you listen to me?

Using various marketing strategies, I was able to build my studio from scratch and reach around 50 piano students a week within just a few months.

It took hard work, but I learnt some really effective methods which allowed me to stand out from the competition and build my teaching business.

And I want to share these strategies with you…

I am offering LIMITED, 1 on 1 Coaching via Skype for those of you who are serious about building a successful music teaching business…

Think of it as a private business lesson for you, an investment for your future from one music teacher to another

What’s included?

Before our appointment, I would like to know what you have been doing to find students. What’s working or not working? This will make our scheduled time much more productive.

Then you will have…

=>  60 minutes of face to face coaching via Skype.

We will build a marketing plan for finding more music students and help you earn more money from your business.

I will analyze your website and see how we can encourage people to choose you as a teacher

=> Email followups

A maximum of 2 email followups after our coaching session at any time of your choice (A followup is defined as asking a single question or seeking clarification or assistance on a single topic)

Why you need this coaching?

Sometimes people just need that extra kick in order to take action and implement things they already know will help them find more students and build a successful teaching business.

If that’s you, then you already know that you need this coaching. If that is not the case, this coaching can still help you greatly.


First of all, you will be learning tried and tested methods that have worked for me when it comes to finding students.

Also, I am here to answer your questions and help you get over certain obstacles.

How much will this cost me?

I could easily justify charging $300+ for this level of personal coaching and it would be worth every penny.

You will learn useful marketing strategies that you can use to finally have the teaching business you desire.

Also, you can use many of my tips for other aspects of your own music career. For example, you will be able to promote your services as a performer and composer MUCH more effectively.

If you decide to sign up for coaching today, you’ll only pay a one-time fee of $147.

Do something about it today

After your coaching session, you’ll never again have to struggle to find students.

You’ll increase your income and learn effective strategies for attracting pupils to join your studio.

As you can imagine, I get quite a lot of interest in my coaching, and in addition to my teaching commitments, I can only take on a LIMITED number of students every week.

If you still have any questions about 1 to 1 coaching, just send me an e-mail to info@musicteacherinfo.com.

Don’t wait. Take a minute and order today.

Just click on the ‘Buy Now’ button below and you’ll have immediate access.

I look forward to working with you!

To your success,

– Martyn Croston

Only $147!