Why do some music teachers offer such dirt cheap prices for their lessons?

It used to really bother me.

I firmly believe you get what you pay for, particularly with music lessons.

I mean we’ve learnt our craft, some have spent years at university to become accomplished musicians.

And after all this, we’re just supposed to provide an hour’s lesson for $20.


You get such a buzz when you receive a call and someone enquires about music lessons, but then this excitement turns to sheer frustration when you realise they just want to pay a rock bottom price.

“Wow, you charge this much for a lesson. I thought it would be half that!”

People don’t haggle with fees in other professions, so why should we accept it? In fact, if a plumber charged $20 an hour, I would be concerned about the quality.

I think in our profession, many of us are guilty for accepting such a poor rate for music lessons. We just take what we can get, because we fear the competition, and it can cause a negative downward spiral in terms of income all round.

The same applies to gigs. Some bands are willing to travel 100 miles to play a gig which barely covers the petrol cost.

And then we wonder why some venues want bands to play for free!

The phrase making a rod for your own back could’nt be more appropriate.

Ok rant over…

The thing is, you have to let this go.

You don’t want to compete on price. In fact, you MUST NOT compete on price.

Obviously you can’t go crazy with what you charge, but in my experience, people who aren’t prepared to pay a good rate for lessons are more likely to cancel, quit or mess you around.

So instead of focusing on price, you need to offer value in your music lessons.

And I mean sensational value.

You need to have the right equipment, resources and teaching style to make people really look forward to your lessons each week.

You need to have a quality website, quality testimonials and offer quality lessons.

In terms of advertising, you need the right marketing angle and a different approach from your competition.

As a result, you are far more likely to get students paying what you’re truly worth..