Music Teacher Ad Swipes

10 ready-to-use ads which you can use to find music students using Google Adwords

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Martyn’s ads provided me with a great platform to start my Google Adwords campaign. I put into practice his suggestions and found several more vocal students within just a couple of weeks. Liz Miller


The Music Teacher Marketing Course

Detailed instructions on how to market online and offline!

Chapter by chapter you’ll be taken through the inner gears of what makes each component of my Marketing System tick…

Now, you’ll finally understand how to market like a pro!

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There are very few (if any) music teachers out there who have the knowledge and ability to help other teachers with their studio marketing and promotion. Martyn clearly explains all the ins and outs of things like Google, SEO, AdWords, social media and online directories, including clear and easy-to-follow screenshots showing readers exactly how to set things up. It really is a step-by-step instruction guide of all the things music teachers should be doing to spread the word about their studio. Highly recommended. Tim Topham

Pianist, Owner - Piano Flix,

1 on 1 Coaching

Get 1 on 1 coaching and finally discover what it takes to run a successful music teaching business

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I just wanted to thank you for the valuable information you shared with us via Skype consultation last week. I am very impressed by your knowledge and experience in the real world of marketing the music teaching business. Even though I’ve done years of research on SEO and marketing , you gave me some excellent insights and ideas that have already helped create more business for not only my Los Angeles Music Teachers school, but also my Rossi Music Live Event Bands connections. Well worth the money. Rick Rossi