Sometimes the offer of a FREE first lesson isn’t enough to tempt people into starting music lessons.

Some just need more convincing…

You know you’re a good teacher.

You know that once they see what you can teach them, they’ll be begging for more!

So what can you do?

Why not offer group lessons?

Providing this option allows students to get lessons at a cheaper price and gain a real insight into your methods as a teacher.

One advertising approach could be to focus on meeting new people and having fun playing music. All at an affordable price!

For example, you could run a 5 week course on playing blues guitar.

Then once the course has finished, and your pupils see the progress they’ve made, some will want to carry on, and that’s when you can pitch your individual lessons to them.

Even if they don’t carry on, you’ve still earned something from it and they’ve got lessons at a cheap price…

Good for them and good for you!

And they will probably spread the word about how great you are as a teacher.

Believe me, it’s a great way to build your teaching studio!

You don’t need to provide group lessons all year round, just offer it as a 5 or 10 week special once or twice a year.

This will create more of a buzz about your lessons 🙂

It’s completely up to you..

September is a good month as that’s when school starts.

And definitely try January, as that’s when people have made those New Year resolutions!